Nominal cooling capacity from 352 to 5274 kW Nominal heating capacity from 268 to 4026 kW

  • Twenty-three sizes.
  • Offer building owners a better solution for many new and retrofit applications.
  • Installation of a directfired chiller/heater eliminates the need for the boiler, reducing the initial cost of the system.
  • Excellent for peak shaving during high electrical demand periods.
  • Allows diversification of critical cooling requirements.
  • Critical loads are met with minimal electrical power input.
  • Allows use of smaller emergency generators since the electrical load associated with an absorption chiller is minimal.
  • Ozone-friendly and CFC-free.
  • Reduced noise and vibration levels.
  • The absorption chiller does not use a large motor-compressor, leading to quiet, vibration-free operation.
  • Auto-diagnosis system monitors operating conditions, predicts chiller information and maintains stable operation.
  • Advanced high-precision control system.
  • Absorption pump with inverter control for efficient, energy-saving operation.
  • State of the art protection devices guarantee enhanced operating safety.
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