Nominal heating capacity 4 – 20 kW

  • A complete heating system that is easy to design and install.
  • System controls ensure optimized energy efficiency, using auto-adaptative weather compensation control that constantly monitors the indoor and outdoor climate to optimise the heat pump energy efficiency and deliver perfect indoor climate.
  • With its improved aesthetics and compactness, combined with the latest features and options, the comfort module sets standards in energy savings and comfort.
  • Using the two-zone kit, two different terminal unit types or two independent comfort zones can be closely monitored.
  • Domestic hot water production is made easy and can be interfaced with thermal solar panels.
Recommended Products

30RBV Air-Cooled Liquid Chiller

Nominal cooling capacity from 15 to 18 kW

16LJ Single-Effect Hot Water-Fired Absorption Chiller

Nominal cooling capacity from 90 to 4000 kW

30PA/PAC Ductable Air-Cooled Chiller

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