A system with a flexible design to suit in a variety of applications


  • XPower ECO K series incorporates numerous outstanding features, including large-capacity outdoor and indoor units and high external static pressure.
  • The 8HP and 10HP units use one DC Inverter Compressor, 12HP to 18HP units feature higher capacity two DC inverter compressors, and adopt energy-saving technologies.
  • Provides an incredible piping length of 1000m and a level difference of 110m, making it perfect for large high-rise buildings.
  • DC inverter compressor & DC fan motor.
  • Connectable indoor units quantity up to 64.
  • ESP up to 60Pa.
  • Cycle duty operation.
  • Backup operation.
  • Precise oil control technology.
  • Intelligent defrosting technology.
  • Simple communication wiring.
  • Auto addressing.

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