Optimize performance


  • XPower Individual Series is designed to optimize performance and better match varieties of application requirement.
  • It is focused on providing better air solutions for the small and middle-sized buildings.
  • DC inverter compressor & DC fan motor.
  • Capacity up to 32HP.
  • Connectable indoor units quantity up to 53.
  • ESP up to 40Pa.
  • Precise oil control technology.
  • Advanced silence technology.
  • Intelligent defrosting technology.
  • Simple communication wiring.
  • Auto addressing.

Recommended Products

30RW/RWA Water-Cooled/Condenserless Liquid Chiller with Hydronic Module

Nominal cooling capacity from 109 to 315 kW

30XA Air-Cooled Liquid Chiller

Nominal cooling capacity from 267 to 1682 kW

XPower Heat Recovery R Series

Save energy cost up to 50%, compared with a convention heat pump system