Withstanding the most extreme weather
conditions, by utilizing our advanced inverter
technology, the PLATINUM Plus series allows
you to enjoy the most enhanced comfort

With the 3D air flow function, CoolEasy series,
has auto horizontal swing and auto vertical
swing function, which supplies more even and
comfortable air flow.

XPOWER Ion allows you to customize your
home’s indoor environment and make smarter
decisions on energy management.

EXTREME 2 series came to help you create
your ideal indoor comfort even in extreme
outdoor conditions.

Our new Sensation series designed with
innovative technologies can help you solve
noise issues with features, in the indoor
& outdoor unit, that isolate sounds and

Now you can maintain the desired temperature
by keeping your energy costs down… and
not only this! CRYSTAL ULTRA CLEAN is an
energy-efficient model with a SEER up to 7.4
and energy class of A++/ A+++

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