• Maximum energy savings!
  • High energy efficiency with SEER up to 7.4
  • Ionizer
  • Five-fold filtration system: Cold Catalyst pre-filter, Vitamin C, Negative Ion, Ionizer filter
  • Three operating power options (50% -75% – 100%)
  • 9 outdoor unit fan speed selection stages
  • Quiet operation up to 19dB (A)
  • Smart remote operation control
  • WiFi Standard
3D DC Inverter
The indoor unit is equipped with a DC inverter fan motor. The outdoor unit is also equipped with DC inverter technology compressor and fan motor. With 3 DC inverter motors the unit achieves maximum performance and energy efficiency.

Vitamin C filter

Vitamin C, with its antioxidant action, is beneficial for skin health, due to its important role in the synthesis of skin collagen. This filter releases Vitamin C in the space, enhancing the elasticity and hydration of the occupants’ skin during the operation of the air conditioner.

Triple Action Filter
Improve indoor air quality, without reducing the capacity of the air flow. They absorb and neutralize tobacco, various organic chemical substances, food odors.
Wi-Fi Ready & Smart Control
Allows you to control the unit remotely, via internet, after installing the optional wifi stick.
ECO Mode
New energy saving AC apply innovative ECO Mode, by pressing this button, AC will run into an 8 hour saving mode which cuts 60% energy off against normal mode.
Indoor unit will continue running at dry mode in order to dry the indoor evaporator after the unit is switched off, so as to keep the unit clean.
Sleep Mode
This function enables the air conditioner to automatically increase or decrease cooling and decrease heating 1°C per hour for the first 2 hours, then holds stand by for the next 5 hours, after that it will switch off.
Allows you to start the unit at a preset time in the desired cooling or heating mode.
Silent Mode
Indoor fan will run at super quiet mode, achieving extremely low noise levels.
Releases negative ions to the air, simulating the relaxing effects of forests and waterfalls.