Other Services

In addition to the supply and installation of Carrier Solutions, we offer various other services to compliment or extend your needs.


The goal of HVAC is to provide thermal comfort and top-notch air quality. Products of this precision require the same type of installation. Billi Al works with you before installation to custom design solutions that apply to your specific needs, regardless of style, size or layout. You can count on Us to always be there in support to keep your HVAC system running as intended.

Fire protection

From apartment complexes to office buildings, and restaurants to schools, a working fire alarm system helps to reduce damage and save lives. A multitude of technologies including alarms, sprinklers, extinguishers, pumps and more, we provide stellar installation to keep your structures safe in case of fire.

Electrical Power Supply

Critical consumers, such as Factories, Hospitals and Data Centers, where power outages can cause severe operational disruptions, we offer installations of Integrated Power Supply Systems, for an always on environment.

Water Supply & Sewage

Water is the most basic of necessities, therefore we provide the latest technology and high quality, tested equipment to ensure optimal supply and quality of water.

Automation (BMS)

Automating your HVAC System for your establishment means less waste and maximum effectiveness. Billi Al and Carrier work hand in hand in automating your systems, and providing an intuitive, and easy to use interface to control it.