Plaza Tirana

National Arena

Tirana East Gate

Expo City

Neptun Albania

Union Bank Albania

Suzuki Albania HQ

Harry Fultz Institute

More Projects

“HEKLA” Business Center, Tirane e re (6000 m2 residence, 3200 m2 offices, 2400 m2 NEPTUN and EUROMAX shops)

Juridical Faculty Of Tirana (DANIDA project)

“JETA E RE” Institution

The Ministry Of Defence 

Military Telecommunication Central Office and Dajti Brach

Cultural Center of the National Army

2K GROUP Offices 

Golem’s Mansions Resort

Presidential Block

Some of the “SOROS” Offices

Some of the “PNUD” Offices

 “KIA” Offices And Showroom (Artitel shpk)



WESTERN UNION Offices in Different Branches

VODAFONE Shops (of one of Distributors in Tirane and Other Cities) 

SIAME shpk (Officies and Showroom)

The Apeal Court of Durres City

The Apeal Court of Pogradec City

The Apeal Court of Kruje City

The Medicine Control Center, Tirane

Some of the Offices of Albanian Ombudsman

Private University “JUSTINIAN I”, Tirane

“KINDER” Chocolates Factory, Tirane

“MEKTRIN” Showroom (Mercedes dealer)

Some of the Offices of Mobile Operator “EAGLE MOBILE”

Restaurant Hotel “ADRIATIK 2”, Durres

Restaurant Hotel “SKAMPA”, Durres

Restaurant “KALI I TROJES”, Durres

Restaurant “HAMAM”, Elbasan

Restaurant “DRERI”, Tirane

Restaurant “AUSTRIA”, Tirane

“ASHIKU” Resort, Tirane

Kofe – Bar “COLOSEU 2”, Tirane

Night club “MAGIC FOUR”, Tirane

Night club “Shallvaret”, Tirane

Bar Restorant “Vora”, Tirane

Bar Restorant “SAUK”, Tirane


“KOHA” TV Studios and Offices

“DIGITALB” Sport Channel

“SIGMA” Insurance Company

“ILAR” Printing Offices

EYES Clinics, Myslym Shyri str.

Embassy of MONTE NEGRO

Some Offices of GERMAN EMBASSY

PROFARMA, Tirane Offices

PUBLIC LIBRARY of Shkoder City