The best solution for heating large spaces

  • In wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted versions, the air heater is the simple, affordable heating/cooling solution for all your applications: for your premises in the tertiary sector (sales area, gym, multi-purpose rooms etc.¬†or in industry (workshop, garage, storage unit, logistics platform, etc.).
  • Meets APSAD and NFPA recommendations on unit peripheral air speeds.
  • All are less than 5 m/s at 0.
  • 5 m from the diffuser and thus do not interfere with sprinkler systems.
  • The air heater may have associated destratifiers (42AM A), to promote mixing of the building air (anti-stratification solution).
Recommended Products

30XA Air-Cooled Liquid Chiller

Nominal cooling capacity from 267 to 1682 kW

XPower ECO K Series

A system with a flexible design to suit in a variety of applications

XPower Mini VRF Series (1 or 3 Phase)

Highly efficient solution for small commercial buildings